A Dança do Velho Lobo

Nuno Peixoto de Pinho (1980 - )

Ref. ava110619

A Dança do Velho Lobo

A Dança do Velho Lobo
for Clarinet in Bb solo

Dedicated to my dear grandfather, Orlando Peixoto, The Dance of the old wolf is inspired in the nostalgia lived by an elderly person who sits at a table and speaks about stories lived in the past… what is part of a whole:

Life… is to recall its evolution.

This piece is composed by a conjunction of three organic elements that remind me of my adolescence and recent past. I name the first element, Life, present at a formal structure, which is represented by a character – Wolf, that symbolizes my grandfather, a bright and energetic man that struggles, suffers, loves and overcomes… wearies. It is with these four pillars that I establish the speech of this piece.

The second element, Recall, acts directly on the rhythmic part of the lyrics. This second element reminds me of the musical preferences during my adolescence, a special fondness for Rock music and its most diverse variants, specifically Metallica, present in this piece though a rhythmic pattern extracted out of a “riff” of a electric guitar of “Of Wolf and Man” . 
Evolution, the last element, symbolizes another musical influence, this time with a recent discovery, a spanish composer, Maurício Sotello, present in this piece through a sequence of notes that exist in A Roberto – La chiarezza deserta, that arouse my interest, an interval sequence of minor and major seconds.
I have constructed a musical discourse with a strong rythmic predominance, using a clarinete to simulate a timbric and intense aggression, characteristics of the electric guitar. Another example of an approach to this instrument is the use of the keynote E as a pedal in low pitch, to suggest the 6th guitar string. I seek to bring into the clarinet some effects like distortion, simulated through multiphonics.